The County Clerk's Office records deeds, mortgages, easements, tax liens, security agreements, financing statements, mining claims, etc. 

Recording Fee Schedule

 Statement of Consideration for filing Deeds 

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All records filed with the Clerk's Office from 1913 - 2007 can be found on ArcaSearch:

Documents recorded 1913 - February 1952 were recorded by their specific document type.  Documents from February 1952 - August 6, 1975  were recorded under instrument type 'Photostatic Records'.   Documents from August 1975 - December 2007 were recorded under instrument type 'Aperture Cards'.   Because there may be duplicate book and page numbers across different instrument types, please set the instrument type to 'All Records' for the most effective search.

iDoc Market

Records filed 2008 - present can be found on iDoc Market:

Recorded Affidavits of Survivorship may be obtained by contacting the County Clerk's Office directly.