Washakie County Attorney's Office

1001 Big Horn Ave. Ste. 10Worland, Wy. 82401

Phone: 307-347-3115  Fax: 307-347-6194

Anthony J. Barton

County Attorney


Amy L. Smith

Deputy County Attorney


Christina Trifan

Office Manager


§ 18-3-302

The County Attorney shall :  

*Act in all courts in the state as legal counsel for his county or counties and its officers acting in their official capacity and prosecute or defend all suits instituted by or against his county or counties or its officers.

  *Give his opinion in writing upon the request of any county officer of his county or counties, without fee, upon all questions of law relating to the duties of such officer and file and preserve in his office a copy of all such opinions;

*Examine the bonds offered by every county officer before the bonds are approved by the board of county commissioners and report in writing to the board of county commissioners or to the judge of the district court whether the bonds are executed as required by law.

   *In any county in a judicial district in which the office of district attorney has not been created, the county and prosecuting attorney shall have the jurisdiction, responsibilities, and duties of the district attorney and of the county attorney.

*Perform other duties as prescribed by law.