Notice of Valuation (NOV)

39-13-103. Imposition.

(viii) Every assessment schedule[1] sent to a taxpayer shall contain the property's estimated fair market value for the current and previous year, or, productive value in the case of agricultural property. The schedule shall also contain the assessment ratio as provided by paragraph (b)(iii) of this section for the taxable property, the amount of taxes assessed on the taxable property from the previous year, and an estimate of the taxes that will be due and payable for the current year based on the previous year's mill levies. The schedule shall contain a statement of the process to contest assessments as prescribed by W.S. 39-13-109(b)(i)

[1] Assessment schedule is synonymous with Notice of Valuation.

Due to technical difficulties we are unable to provide the 2022 Notice of Valuations (NOV) at this time. If you need an NOV please contact the office at 307-347-2831 and we can provide you with a notice either electronically or by mail. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2021 Notice of Valuation

2020 Notice of Valuation

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