Veteran's Information

What is the Veterans' Exemption?

    • The State of Wyoming Legislature budgets funding to assist Veterans of foreign wars in paying property taxes.

    • The County Assessor’s Office administers the exemption based on statute and Department of Revenue Rules and Regulations.

    • Effective January 1, 2007 the $800 lifetime maximum was removed; the exemption may be used on real estate or vehicles.

    • The surviving spouse of qualifying Veteran may be eligible to continue this exemption: they must reside in Wyoming and not remarry.

Who Qualifies?

    • Veterans who are Wyoming residents for a minimum of three years preceding qualifying for the benefit and by the Department of Revenue Rules Chapter 15 - Section 7: Limitations (b)(i)(A) ...principal residence of the veteran or surviving spouse for more than six (6) months of each year during the last three (3) consecutive years immediately prior to the time of claiming the exemption required to meet the Wyoming residency requirement, and continues to be occupied by the veteran or qualifying spouse for more than six (6) months in each tax year for which the exemption is claimed.

    • Veterans or widow of a qualifying veteran who has a written discharge (DD-214 or equivalent) from active duty military service.

    • Served during an armed conflict and received the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (AFEM) or equivalent.

    • Each Veteran or widow of a qualifying veteran must appear in person at their local County Assessor's office to complete the initial application.

    • A disabled veteran with a compensable service connected disability certified by the veteran's administration is eligible for the exemption regardless of the time of service. Forms are available in the County Assessor's office.

How can the Exemption be used?

    • The exemption may be used on property tax and it reduces the assessed valuation by $3,000 annually. The tax dollar amount varies depending on mill levy for tax district. Approximate amount $213.00. Eligible property must be owned by the Veteran and or Spouse as of January 1st and be their primary residence. The veteran or the veteran’s spouse MUST contact their local County Assessor's office each year after January 1st and before the 4th Monday in May to renew the exemption

      • OR

    • County fees for licensing a vehicle (not sales tax) may be reduced by $3,000 assessed dollars (approximately $90.00) annually. More than one vehicle may qualify, not to exceed a total of $90.00 per year.

    • Title, registration, or expiration reminder showing the Veteran and/or spouse's names is required prior to purchasing tags for exemption usage. New purchases must be titled before qualifying; leased vehicles do not qualify.