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This site has been prepared to help property owners better understand the functions of the Assessor’s Office and provide information on property valuation procedures as well as links to other resources and reporting forms.

The primary duty of the County Assessor’s Office is to annually locate, identify and value all taxable property in their jurisdiction as mandated by Wyoming Statues as of January 1st.  The Assessor is to value all similar property uniformly at its’ full (fair) market value.  State Mandatory levies, voting taxpayers and elected boards determine tax requirements and subsequent tax bills through an annual budgetary process as defined and limited by Wyoming Statutes.  The County Treasurer is responsible for billing and collecting the required property taxes.  Subdivisions and building permits are handled through the appropriate county or city Planning & Zoning Departments.

Property taxation is a complex and unpopular subject.  We in the Washakie County Assessor’s Office strive to be as accurate and helpful as possible in providing county taxpayers an understanding of the state statutes, rules and guidelines that dictate our procedures.