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Page Updated: 4/26/2021

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Wyoming Department of Health

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Wyoming COVID Vaccine Schedule 3/2/2021

Washakie County COVID Vaccine Status 2/24/2021

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Washakie County Variance For Public Health Order #2 - 3/16/2021

Washakie County Public Health Vaccine Forms

If you are the parent/guardian of a child 16-18yr old and would like your child to receive a COVID-19 vaccination please complete the form below or call the office at 307-347-3278 to pre-register your child. We have the ability to get an approved vaccine for those who are 16 or older but need to know if there is enough interest to bring it to Washakie County.

Please complete this form.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Data

Important notes about this information:

    • More details about data included in the graphs is available by hovering over items.

    • Statewide data is updated most days. County data is updated once or twice a week.

  • Administered dose numbers are up to 72 hours behind.

    • Counts do not include federal doses provided separately and directly for tribal, VA and military facilities.

    • Statewide numbers include doses received for Federal Pharmacy Partners for Long-Term Care Program, but county numbers do not.

    • Data may not display well on mobile devices and may display better using a standard Chrome web browser.

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