On Going Programs

Youth Alternatives On-Going Programs:

Prevention Program (8 one-hour sessions)

Owning Up Program (8 one-hour sessions)

Minor in Possession of Alcohol (8 one-hour sessions)

Diversion Program (Pre-Court Involvement)

TIPS (Responsible Alcohol Server Training)

Community Service (Court ordered or requested by DFS and/or parents)

Y.E.S. Shoplifting Program (8 one-hour sessions)

Information and Support

Pre-Court Agreement

Risk Assessment

Electronic Monitoring

Tutoring Program

TRU Thought Program

Parenting Classes

The Juvenile Crime Reduction Plan for Washakie County has been developed to address the broad range of prevention, intervention and treatment strategies necessary to reduce juvenile crime in our community.

Collaboration on the plan has been provided through the efforts of the Youth Alternatives Advisory Council; Washakie County's Juvenile Crime Enforcement Coalition.

Washakie County Youth Alternatives was begun through a Department of Family Services grant in approximately 1985.  The original advisory council was comprised of a representative from D.F.S., the District supervisor of Probation and Parole, the district Court Judge, and the County Attorney.

Currently, the advisory Council is comprised of members of education, business, law enforcement, judicial, social services, health, corrections, mental health, clergy, as well as parents.  Their cooperation, encouragement, assistance, and planning remain and continue to be the main-stay of the program.